Anoop Jain Residence

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This 5000 square feet modern residence in Hoshiarpur, India stands out amongst the neighbourhood. The brief from the client was to build a cosy and comfortable residence with keeping the ancient traditions of Vaastu in mind, to which multiple generations can call home. It has been designed with a unique combination of exterior finishes, with the use of wood and grey wall panel tiles to create something truly stunning and luxurious frontal.

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The exterior walls have been constructed with a combination of wood and grey wall panel tiles, which makes for contrasting combination of textures. The wooden panels are used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the grey wall panel tiles add a modern and sophisticated touch. Inside, the residence features large open living spaces and natural light-filled rooms. There are also plenty of cozy corners to relax in and plenty of space for entertaining guests.

The residence also features a number of modern comforts, such as a home cinema, multiple bedrooms, a pooja room, a rear internal patio for natural light and a gym. The property also boasts multiple living rooms, lounge area and balcony, perfect for those hot summer days. With its modern amenities and contemporary design, this residence is built with the comfort and amenities of the client in mind.



Anoop Jain



Built Area

5000 sq. ft.


Hoshiarpur, PB, India